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Our Field Services division is an integral part of BR Machine.  We offer onsite repair of heavy duty industrial equipment. Founded on a solid reputation for quality work, our field services team completes projects effectively and in a timely fashion. 

-BR Machine Field Services, serving North America since 1987.


• Onsite millwright services for paper machine, pulp mill, powerhouse and wood yard
• Line Boring, Flange Facing, Drilling and Tapping, Stud and Bolt Removal, shaft repair

• Portable milling machine work
• Pulp Mill repairs: washer drums, refiner plate faces re-machined on site

• Disc filter repairs: bearing fits, Packing sleeves, drive gear repair, valve repair, decking and tube repairs++
• Field weldings: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium are some of our specialties
• Paper machine repairs: dryer journal bearing fits, tapered or straight., drive gear journal and key way repair, steam joint facing and bolt extraction, idler gear bearing housing boring and bushing
• Powerhouse ID and FD fan journals
• We also offer a wide variety of technical support

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